Grief Practice Intensive: Essential Theory And Interventions For Working With Grief

Date: September 12 - 13, 2024

Join us for an in-depth, two-day intensive training designed to provide the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required to support clients grieving both death and non-death losses. Using research around risk and resilience after loss, alongside the most current theories of attachment and the dual process model of coping with loss while restoring life, participants will learn tools for helping clients integrate the loss into their lives while maintaining a dynamic internal continued bond with loved ones. 

This comprehensive program is divided into two focused sessions: Day One: Advanced Foundations: Essential Theories and Competencies for Grief Practice and Day Two: Grief Therapy Techniques: Enhancing Your Clinical Toolkit.

Day One: Advanced Foundations: Essential Theories and Competencies for Grief Practice
This session lays the groundwork by exploring modern grief theory and research, providing participants with a thorough understanding of contemporary conceptualizations of grief, relevant types of grief, and various grieving styles. Attendees will delve into the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual experiences of grievers. The workshop also covers the 2022 addition of Prolonged Grief Disorder to the DSM-5 and critiques of this diagnosis. Ideal for both newcomers and experienced clinicians seeking a refresher, this day ensures a robust foundational knowledge that supports all grief-related practice settings.
Day Two: Grief Therapy Techniques: Enhancing Your Clinical Toolkit
Building on the foundational knowledge from Day One, this session focuses on practical, evidence-informed strategies that go beyond basic grief counseling. Participants will learn advanced techniques for addressing complex grief issues such as guilt, regret, loss of self-worth, and identity. The workshop includes a variety of assessment tools and worksheets designed to enhance therapeutic interventions and provide tangible support to clients. Attendees will leave with a comprehensive set of tools and strategies to effectively support clients through their grief journeys.

Program Highlights:
  • Gain a deep understanding of modern grief theory and research.
  • Explore advanced strategies for addressing complex grief-related issues.
  • Learn practical techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into clinical practice.
  • Utilize a variety of assessment tools and worksheets to support therapeutic interventions.
  • Engage with current, evidence-informed methods to enhance your clinical skills.

This engaging and practical intensive is an opportunity to advance your expertise in grief care, enriching your practice with both foundational knowledge and advanced clinical techniques. Perfect for therapists, social workers, coaches, counselors and any other helping professionals working with grief. This training ensures you are well-equipped to support clients navigating their grief journeys in any practice setting.